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Right now, billions of dollars in unclaimed business and corporate assets are being held in state trusts across the country waiting for their rightful owners to claim them. The asset recovery lawyers at Poulson Law have recovered millions of dollars from those trusts for their corporate clients. In fact, they recently recovered a single unclaimed asset valued at $1.4 million for a client. An asset that had been unclaimed for 30 years.

If you think your company may have unclaimed assets, and most do, let Poulson Law assist you in identifying and recovering those missing assets. The corporate asset recovery lawyers at Poulson Law have experience reclaiming unclaimed assets from all over the world. Our attorneys understand the complexities that can arise from recovering money and property across state and national jurisdictions, and have the experience to help you recover assets no matter where they may be held. Here are just some of the reasons that businesses require asset recovery services:

  • Assets were delivered to an incorrect address
  • Accounts were held under old business names
  • Assets were lost during relocations
  • Assets were not properly transferred during a merger or acquisition
  • Assets were lost due to employee error
  • Payments were held up by litigation
  • Payments were held up in bankruptcy cases

Our corporate asset recovery specialists use specialized technology to identify and recover unclaimed property. We maintain a library of documentation for each of our claims, tracking their progress and updates about the status of their payment. We maintain relationships with sources on information about lost and unclaimed property, and perform systematic searches of unclaimed assets to ensure we are thorough in our process.

Poulson Law has represented some of the largest financial institutions in the world in connection with resolving forensic accounting, asset recovery issues and reclaiming unclaimed and abandoned property. Through our efforts, our clients have recovered millions of dollars in lost or unclaimed assets. If you have lost or unclaimed assets, you should contact us and we can begin the process of reclaiming what belongs to you.

Let the asset recovery attorneys at Poulson Law help you reclaim what is rightfully yours. We have decades of experience helping companies like yours to recover lost and unclaimed property. With billions of dollars in unclaimed assets sitting in state funds, you potentially have a great deal to gain. If you are interested or have need of our services, please call our Cooperstown office at 607-547-1195.

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