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Commercial Practice
When it comes to business, any one factor or change of circumstances can mean the difference between turning a profit and suffering a loss. Even seemingly minor issues can wind up costing your business thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses, taxes, or lost revenue. That is why you should seek the guidance of experienced business attorneys who can assist you through every step of your commercial enterprise.

Corporate Liquidations
Poulson Law has substantial experience managing corporate liquidations and has acted as special litigation counsel to bankruptcy trustees, debtors-in-possession, and Securities Investor Protection Corporation trustees, as well as voluntary business liquidations.

Corporate Asset Recovery
Right now, billions of dollars in unclaimed business and corporate assets are being held in state trusts across the country waiting for their rightful owners to claim them. The asset recovery lawyers at Poulson Law have recovered millions of dollars from those trusts for their corporate clients. In fact, they recently recovered a single unclaimed asset valued at $1.4 million  for a client. An asset that had been unclaimed for 30 years.

Unclaimed Property
Right now, there are state-run trust funds across the country that are sitting on billions of dollars in unclaimed property that are owed to individuals and businesses. This property comes from a variety of sources, but for one reason or another, that property never makes it where it is supposed to, causing them to fall under the protection of the government. However, these state-run trust funds are not going to come to you to tell you they have your property. If you want to claim that unclaimed property, you will need someone who can recover it for you.

Mergers & Acquisitions
As a business, there are few decisions as momentous as the choice to invest in or merge with another company, to acquire that company as a full owner or to sell your business. When you do, it can cause a fundamental upheaval in your own business as you struggle to accommodate the changes that are necessary to facilitate the merger or acquisition. When that happens, you need experienced lawyers who can guide you through the process to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Real Estate
At Poulson Law, we understand purchasing or selling a home or other property can be a major event in your life and we can help you through that process. Our attorneys and staff will work with you on your contract, complete and file all the necessary paperwork and help you understand the transaction every step of the way.

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